Extending Aloha Spirit in Every Consultation: Why Cloudwell Health Prioritizes Longer Appointments



Written by Dr. Neel Chauhan, MBBS & Cloudwell Health Co-Founder

Aloha! Dr. Neel Chauhan here, co-founder of Cloudwell Health, your local telehealth and primary care practice right here in our beautiful Hawaii. 

I’ve always believed that healthcare should not only be about diagnosing and prescribing but about connecting and understanding — much like the ‘ohana we value so deeply in our islands. 

I know that your time is as precious as the sands of our beaches, and it’s often said, “i ka wā ma mua, i ka wā ma hope,” which translates to “in the past, in the future” — a reminder that what we do today directly influences our tomorrow. That’s why at Cloudwell Health, we take pride in offering longer-than-average appointments. Why? Because every minute with you counts, whether it’s understanding your health goals, discussing your lifestyle, or simply sharing stories about the latest community event.

Did you know that many clinics on the mainland see a whirlwind of patients daily, often limiting appointments to a brisk 10 minutes? We embrace a different approach. Our appointments are designed to provide ample time for a thorough check-up while ensuring there’s room for a friendly chat — it’s the Aloha spirit, after all! Our kama’aina (locals) deserve care that’s as comprehensive as it is compassionate.

Ready to experience healthcare with a heart? Visit us at CloudwellHealth.com.

E komo mai, your ohana awaits!