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Welcome to

Virtual Primary Care

 by Cloudwell Health


Modern Primary Care With Traditional Hawaiian Values

Have you ever wished that you had easier access to your primary care doctor without the long waits for appointments, rushed visits, or stresses of traveling and taking time off work? The world is changing and we believe that healthcare should change with it.

Welcome to Cloudwell Health, a digital healthcare service run by Hawaiian doctors for the people of Hawaii. Unlike traditional Primary Care, Cloudwell Health works around YOUR schedule with convenient on-demand access to our physicians and medical care team by phone or video, from anywhere, Monday-Friday 8am-5pm. Our team of local Hawaii doctors embody the Aloha Spirit and will become your long-term health care partner, offering safe and affordable medical care for you and your ‘Ohana, whenever you need it. All you need is a smartphone, tablet or laptop!

It’s Quick & Convenient 

Talk to our Primary Care Team on-demand, 7 days a week without leaving your home or workplace. All you need is a phone, tablet or computer.

It’s Safe and Effective

Patient safety is our first priority, always. We will always recommend the best care for you, even if you require face-to-face care.

It’s Available and Affordable

We’re actively taking on new patients in Hawaii and as we’re entirely online, we can help you keep those out of pocket costs to a minimum.

It’s Made in Hawaii, For Hawaii

We understand the unique needs of patients on our beautiful islands. We deliver healthcare with a huge dose of that famous aloha spirit.

Primary Care isn’t just for when you’re sick — we’re also here to help you prevent illness and maintain your optimal health. Our team is always in your pocket to help you with convenient at-home checkups, preventive care planning, prescription refills, answering health-related questions, mental wellness, managing chronic conditions, and to help direct you to the right in-person care as needed. Taking care of your health has never been easier.

Simply log on, book an appointment and connect with your friendly local doctor.

Cloudwell Health – it’s healthcare the way you want it.

What Can Virtual Primary Care Treat?


Registering & Making Appointments Is Easy!

As a registered patient, you will have access to our full network of physicians, counselors and experts.

1. Click the Register Now button below.

2. Provide us with some information about yourself.

3. Book an appointment right away if you need one.

4. Review your health history with a Hawaii physician.

5. We’ll work with you to choose the best care for you.

Booking an appointment has also never been easier and you can find a time that fits your schedule.

1. Log in to your account.

2. Click ‘Book Appointment’.

3. Use our calendar to book your slot.

4. Connect with the doctor at the time you choose.

5. Collect your prescription, or we’ll deliver it to you.

The Future Of Primary Care In Hawaii


Frequently Asked Questions

What is Virtual Primary Care?

With Virtual Primary Care, our team of local Hawaii doctors and medical experts will be your long-term health care partner. By using technology, healthcare visits can be done conveniently from wherever, whenever – all you need is a smartphone, tablet or laptop. Primary Care isn’t just for when you’re sick — we’re also here to help you prevent illness and maintain your optimal health. Our team is always here for you to help you manage any chronic conditions, plan preventive care, and can help direct you to the right in-person care as needed. 

Do I need a phone or computer with a camera?

In order to take advantage of on-demand access to Virtual Primary Care from the Cloudwell Team, you will need a laptop, smartphone or tablet in order to directly connect on a video call (or traditional phone call).  We make it easy and you don’t need to be a tech expert – our team is here to help guide you at every step of the way. Our team of experienced local healthcare professionals are here to provide you with convenient and comfortable telehealth consultations via an easy-to-use and secure web-based platform.

How do I book an appointment?

To book an appointment, simply navigate to and click on the large “Make An Appointment” button at the top of the screen. If this is your first appointment, click here to Register as a New Patient. We will ask for your basic information so that we can quickly help you get set up with a Virtual Primary Care account and speaking with a local Hawaii doctor as soon as possible.  Simply select a date and time for your appointment that works best for YOU!

You can also call us directly at (808) 207-9355 to schedule an appointment by phone.

What does it cost to use Virtual Primary Care?

With Virtual Primary Care, we accept all major insurance plans and we will bill your insurance provider directly.

As each medical insurance plan is different, your consult may be fully, partially, or not covered at all. We understand that during the COVID pandemic many are facing financial hardships. To help our patients, CloudWell Health will be temporarily waiving all co-payments at this time. However, please be aware that the cost of any prescribed medication is separate (insurance may be used when you pick up prescriptions from the pharmacy). If you opt for home delivery there might be an extra charge, but that is usually free as well. To check if your insurance will cover your consultation, please call (808) 400-1707 and speak with one of our Clinical Coordinators.

No insurance? No Problem.

Sessions are an affordable flat rate of $59.99 per phone visit or $119.99 per video visit. Mental health self-pay visits are a flat fee of $119.99 for a phone or video visit.

Financing options available, please call (808) 207-9355 or e-mail [email protected] for any questions you may have.

Will I receive a bill from my insurance company for the care I receive through Cloudwell Health?

Although we are currently waiving co-pay fees, depending on your insurance plan and associated deductible, you may incur fees associated with the care you receive through Cloudwell Health.

What if I need to see a doctor in person?

While Virtual Primary Care is able to assist with a wide range of healthcare needs, there are some medical issues which will require visits to see a medical professional in person.  Our team will assist you with connecting to and scheduling an appointment with a top doctor from our vast network of specialists.