Aloha, Restful Traveler: Unlock Serenity with These Sleep Hacks



Written by Dr. Neel Chauhan, M.D. & Co-Founder

Aloha, Friends!

I’m Dr. Neel Chauhan, the proud co-founder of Cloudwell Health, your neighborhood telehealth and primary/urgent care practice here in the beautiful islands of Hawaii. As part of our mission to connect with our ohana, today, I’m sharing some thoughts on maintaining the tranquility of sleep while embracing the joys of travel.

Traveling can indeed meddle with our sleep. The excitement of a new place, coupled with unfamiliar beds, and the adjusting body clocks can be a mix for restless nights. Here’s a local flavor guide to ensure your travels, especially around our enchanting islands, are filled with restful sleep and happy, healthy days.

1. Choose your Hale (Home) Wisely

In Hawaii, we value our hale—it’s where the heart is. Opt for a peaceful, comfortable place to rest, a sanctuary away from excessive noise and light. Inquire about amenities that promote sleep like black-out curtains and consider the ‘spirit’ of your travel companions.

2. Pack your Moemoe (Sleep) Essentials

Bring along little helpers like a sleep mask, earplugs, and maybe even some calming chamomile tea. Remember to check with your healthcare provider if considering sleep supplements.

3. Align with the Sun and the Moon

Embrace the Hawaiian sun. It can help regulate your sleep-wake cycle. Likewise, wind down when the stars are out, embracing the quietude of the night, limiting screen time, and avoiding stimulants.

4. Keep Moving, Keep Smiling

The Hawaiian way is to stay active and happy. Engage in physical activities; a hike, a swim, or a dance under the Hawaiian skies can all contribute to better sleep and happier days.

At Cloudwell Health, our doors, both virtual and physical, are always open to discuss your health needs. We bring kindness, empathy, and medical expertise to ensure the well-being of our local community. Mahalo for trusting us with your care.