Aloha, Wellness: Navigating the Waves of Type 2 Diabetes in Hawaii



Written by Dr. Neel Chauhan, MBBS & Cloudwell Health Co-Founder

Aloha, friends! Dr. Neel Chauhan here from CloudWell Health, your dedicated telehealth service in our beautiful Hawaii. Today, let’s ride the waves of understanding about Type 2 Diabetes — a condition affecting many in our local community and millions nationwide.

What’s brewing in our bodies?

Well, in Type 2 Diabetes, the insulin, akin to an expert surfer, finds it tough to ride the waves and guide glucose into our cells. The result? A wipeout! High sugar levels in our blood.

But why does this happen? Several factors paddle in play here:

Ohana Genetics

Like the strong roots of our Ulu trees, family genes play a big role. If your family members have it, you’re in the lineup too.

Cultural Tides

Our diverse island community sees different ethnicities facing varying impacts. From our Native Hawaiian friends to our Filipino, Japanese, and other islander groups, some face higher tides in this battle.

The Scale’s Story

Just as our islands are diverse, so are our bodies. However, excess weight, especially around the waist, can make it harder for insulin to paddle out.

Island Feast Habits

Love that plate lunch with extra mac salad? Be mindful, friends. Too much processed and sugary foods can crash the wave, big time.

Sip the Right Wave

Good news for our Kona coffee lovers! A cup might lower your risk, but it’s no substitute for healthy eating and catching physical waves.

Active on the Aloha Sands

Trade screen time for beach time. Get moving, enjoy our island’s natural beauty, and keep your body’s balance on the board.

Smoke? No, Mahalo!

Smoking’s like a riptide, friends. It doesn’t just carry cancer risks but drags in diabetes too.

Rest Under the Stars

Our island nights are beautiful, but make sure you’re snoozing enough under these starry skies. Too little or too much sleep can knock your health off balance.

Mothers, Babies, and Sweetnesss

Attention, moms! If you had high sugar levels during pregnancy, stay vigilant. The waves can return, for you and your little ones.

Why focus on this here in our island paradise?

Because your well-being is our kuleana, our responsibility and privilege. At CloudWell Health, we blend the spirit of aloha with top-notch medical care, making managing conditions like diabetes more accessible and personable, right here on the islands.

Join hands with us, and let’s navigate these waters together, keeping our community healthy, happy, and riding the waves to wellness. Until next time, stay well, stay informed, and a hui hou!

Mahalo, Dr. Neel Chauhan