Understanding and Managing Type 2 Diabetes in Hawaii



Written by Dr. Neel Chauhan, MBBS & Cloudwell Health Co-Founder

Aloha! Dr. Neel Chauhan here from CloudWell Health, bringing the spirit of care and ‘ohana into the way we approach health and wellness in our beautiful Hawaii. Today, let’s navigate the waters of Type 2 diabetes, a condition that affects many in our local community, and understand how we can manage it while embracing our unique lifestyle.

Understanding Type 2 Diabetes in Our Local Context

Here in the islands, we’re all about community and family, and that’s how we view our patients at CloudWell Health. Understanding Type 2 diabetes is crucial because it’s not just about an individual’s journey; it’s about how we, as a community and family, support each other. Type 2 diabetes occurs when the body struggles to regulate blood sugar, essential for our energy and daily activities. In our local context, lifestyle and dietary habits can influence its development. However, remember, it’s not about blaming the sweet haupia or the luau feast! It’s about overall balance and understanding how our bodies process glucose.

Risk Factors: Know Them, Prevent Them

Recognizing the risk factors specific to our local community is essential. These can range from genetic predispositions to lifestyle habits. Age, weight, physical activity, and even our ethnic backgrounds can play roles. But don’t forget, having risk factors isn’t a prophecy; it’s a call to action for prevention and wellness!

Embracing Lifestyle Changes with Aloha

At CloudWell Health, we believe in integrating your care with the lifestyle we all love. Managing diabetes isn’t just about medication; it’s about holistic changes that you can enjoy! Imagine integrating more hula or surfing into your routine for exercise, or exploring the rich bounty of fruits, vegetables, and lean proteins our islands offer. It’s all about taking the essence of our island life and making it the center of your health journey.

The CloudWell Way: Your ‘Ohana in Health

We understand that managing Type 2 diabetes requires a solid support system. With CloudWell Health, you’re not just a patient; you’re part of the ‘ohana. Our approach is personalized, empathetic, and steeped in the spirit of aloha that defines us. Whether it’s through telehealth consultations that save you time or in-person visits, we’re here, always ready to listen and help you navigate your health journey.

Mahalo for taking this journey with us. Remember, your path to health is one we walk together, hand in hand, heart in heart. Stay healthy, stay strong, and keep the spirit of aloha in everything you do! Cloudwell Health is here for you, with the warmth, expertise, and aloha spirit you seek. Connect with us anytime, be it in person or via telehealth. We’re committed to caring for our island community.