Understanding Healthcare in Hawaii:
A Local Guide



Written by Dr. Neel Chauhan, M.D. & Co-Founder

Aloha, friends!

Dr. Neel Chauhan here from Cloudwell Health. Our islands may be known for breathtaking sunsets and tranquil beaches, but life’s practicalities, like healthcare, don’t escape us. So let’s break down some of the most commonly asked questions about healthcare costs and insurance.

FAQs about Healthcare Costs in Hawaii: Simplified

How to Choose a Doctor in Hawaii?

Not sure which doctor you can see? A quick call to your insurance provider can guide you. Some plans might ask you to pick a specific primary care physician (PCP), but once you’ve made that choice, flexibility is usually available.

What’s Covered with Healthcare in Hawaii?

Concerned about which services fall under your plan? Your insurance card, particularly the Member Services number, is a good place to start.

How Much does a Doctor’s Visit cost in Hawaii?

Generally, you’ll owe a copay (a set amount) or coinsurance (a percentage) for primary care visits. Specialists could have higher fees.

Deductibles: It’s the amount you pay before insurance steps in. For instance, if your deductible is $500 and you’ve got $1,200 in expenses, you pay the first $500, insurance handles the rest.

Does Insurance Cover Annual Health Check-ups in Hawaii?

Most insurance covers one well visit or physical exam every year. Remember, they’re strict about the 365-day rule.

How are Medical Lab Services paid for in Hawaii?

These are billed separately. The bill comes from the company that processes your tests. Always check with your provider about potential costs. 

Navigating healthcare doesn’t have to be complex. By understanding these essential points, you’re already ahead!

Quick Guide to Healthcare Terminology


Out-of-pocket amount you pay before insurance kicks in.

“PCP (Primary Care Physician)”

Your go-to doctor for general health concerns


Percentage of the bill you owe after hitting your deductible.


The amount you pay for a specific service or medication.

“Open Enrollment”

Annual window to enroll in or change health insurance.

A proper understanding of these terms ensures that you’re not caught off guard. We’re here to help make healthcare more accessible and transparent for our ‘ohana. Stay connected, informed, and healthy.