Navigating Abnormal Pap Results: A Stress-Free Guide in Hawaiian Spirit



Written by Dr. Neel Chauhan, MBBS & Cloudwell Health Co-Founder

Aloha from Cloudwell Health! Receiving news about abnormal Pap results can be unsettling, but here in the serene embrace of Hawaii, we’re here to guide you through this with calm and clarity. Understanding these results is key to managing your health effectively and without undue stress. Let’s explore what different results mean and the next steps you can expect in your care journey.

Understanding Cervical Cancer Screenings

Cervical cancer screenings, including cytology (Pap tests) and HPV testing, are crucial tools. They help detect changes in cervical cells that could indicate potential risks. Remember, these screenings are proactive steps towards ensuring your long-term health.

Interpreting Common Results

Normal Cytology with High-risk HPV

This indicates normal cervical cells but the presence of high-risk HPV. It’s a sign to monitor closely, but not necessarily a cause for immediate concern.


A common result indicating slightly unusual cell appearance. It’s usually not alarming but requires follow-up tests for clarity.


Indicates early precancerous changes. Often, these resolve on their own, especially in younger individuals, but monitoring is essential.


A more serious change in cervical cells. This requires a detailed examination but can be successfully treated in most cases.


Suggests possible moderate or higher-grade changes, warranting closer examination.


Changes in glandular cells of the cervix. This often necessitates further investigation, including a possible biopsy.

Next Steps

Depending on your specific results, follow-up actions may include a colposcopy (an in-depth examination of the cervix), repeat screenings, or additional testing. Your healthcare provider will recommend a personalized plan based on your history and results.

Reducing Your Risk

Regular screenings are vital in catching any potential issues early. If you’re a smoker, quitting can significantly reduce your risk of cervical cancer. Also, protecting yourself against HPV with vaccines and safe sex practices is an effective way to lower your chances of high-risk HPV infections.

At Cloudwell Health, we believe in holistic care, blending modern medicine with the nurturing spirit of aloha. We’re here to support you through each step, ensuring your journey towards health is as tranquil as our Hawaiian shores. Remember, you’re not alone in this; we’re here to provide the care and guidance you need.

Looking for more information or need to schedule a screening? Visit us at Cloudwell Health, where we embrace each individual’s journey with compassion and expertise.