Embracing Healthy Aging in Hawaii: Celebrating September as “Healthy Aging Month”



Written by Dr. Neel Chauhan, M.D. 

Aloha to our Cloudwell Health Community!

September marks Healthy Aging Month – an annual observance to spotlight the positive sides of growing older. In Hawaii, our unique lifestyle and culture naturally lend themselves to concepts of healthy living and aging. Yet, we’re not immune to global challenges that seniors face. Today, we meld our island perspectives with the broader ideals of healthy aging.

Navigating the Waters of Ageism

Ageism exists, even within our vibrant communities. The perception of seniors not being respected is a global concern. However, in Hawaii, we’ve always held a profound respect for our kupuna as they are the bedrock of our families and communities.

The Path to Healthy Aging: Island-Style

Active Living with Nature

Whether it’s a morning jog along Waikiki Beach or hiking at Manoa Falls, incorporating daily physical activity keeps both the body and spirit young.

Engage the Mind

From picking up a new book to taking an online course on a topic you’ve always been curious about, continuous learning is key to mental vitality.

Community Bonds

Strong ties with our ‘ohana and neighbors are foundational. Stay connected, and seek support when needed.

Wholesome Island Nutrition

From the fresh catch of the day to our local farmer’s market finds, a balanced diet supports overall health.

Prioritize Preventive Care with Cloudwell

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Celebrate September with Cloudwell Health

Embracing age doesn’t just mean accepting it – it means optimizing it. Here at Cloudwell Health, we’re committed to ensuring the residents of Hawaii receive premier care, to keep the spirit of aloha thriving at every age.