Breast Cancer Awareness Month: Empowering Choices



Written by Dr. Neel Chauhan, MBBS & Co-Founder

October is a significant month — it’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month,

A time where we focus on awareness, education, and the empowerment of our choices regarding breast health. Dr. Neel Chauhan, co-founder of Cloudwell Health, is here to shed light on the often perplexing topic of mammography and breast cancer screenings. He’s passionate about making sure that you have access to medical advice that is expert, kind, and relevant to everyone in Hawaii, from all walks of life.

Understanding the Debate

Breast cancer screening recommendations seem to be a source of endless debate and confusion, even among experts. This plethora of differing opinions often leaves us, the everyday people, trying to navigate this sea of information and make the best choices for our health.

At Cloudwell Health, we value the power of informed, personal decisions about one’s health. We’re here to provide clear, straightforward, and empathetic guidance to everyone in Hawaii, ensuring that the information you receive is not just expert but also grounded in real, everyday experiences.

Tailoring Your Approach

Breast cancer screenings are essential, and best medical practices advise certain guidelines based on comprehensive research. However, every individual is different and factors like age, genetics, and health history play a significant role in determining the right approach to screening for each person. Dr. Neel Chauhan and the Cloudwell Health team are devoted to guiding you through understanding these factors. We collaborate with you to develop a screening plan that aligns with medical guidelines, respects your unique circumstances, and prioritizes your health and peace of mind.

The Silent Warning

Breast cancer can be sneaky, sometimes showing no symptoms at all, which is why regular screenings are vital for early detection. Early detection is key to initiating timely and effective treatment, especially here in Hawaii where our diverse community has diverse healthcare needs.

Knowing Your Risk

Breast cancer does not discriminate—it can affect anyone. However, some people have a higher predisposition due to several risk factors. Understanding these is crucial for making educated decisions regarding your health and screening schedule, especially if there’s a family history of breast or ovarian cancer.

Our Promise to You

Cloudwell Health is not just a healthcare provider; we’re your neighbors, your friends, your ‘ohana. We are here to offer advanced, reliable medical services that are culturally sensitive and attuned to the needs of our local communities.

In this Breast Cancer Awareness Month, let’s empower ourselves with knowledge and make informed decisions about our health. Dr. Neel Chauhan and the Cloudwell Health team are your partners in this journey, ensuring you receive the personalized care and support you deserve. Let’s work together for a healthier Hawaii, one informed choice at a time.

For more clear, empathetic, and expert advice on breast health and other medical concerns, visit us at Cloudwell Health.