Help share the benefits of good health.

Receive a $10 Amazon gift card when you refer a friend to us!

Refer a friend to Cloudwell Health for a virtual doctor visit and after your friend completes his/her first online session as a new patient, you and your friend will each receive a free $10 Amazon gift card!

How it works

Step 1

Your friend registers online as a new patient at Cloudwell Health and enters your name in the “Referred By” field.

Step 2

Once your friend completes their first online session with one of our Hawaii board-certified doctors, both you and your friend will receive a $10 Amazon gift card!

Help keep your ohana safe.

Skipping the waiting room could be the best way to keep a safe and healthy distance from the highly infectious Delta variant of Covid-19 while still addressing health concerns and conditions that include urgent care services, prescription refills, mental health therapy, and chronic conditions.

Why wait? Refer a friend today.

Be sure to remind your friend to enter your name in the “referred by” space when they register at CloudWell Health.